Scott Baker created the Baker Hanger in 1994, mainly because his surf suits were often meeting demise. Scott lived for surfing on the enchanting Santa Cruz shores, but many of his wet suits were getting tattered by low quality hangers. So, being an avid surfer with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Scott gave to us the Baker Hanger 'Shoulder Saver'! Scott has revolutionized the storage of heavy duty garments for all! 

Scott Baker Santa Cruz, Ca (1997)

Scott Baker Santa Cruz, Ca (1997)

Baker Thanks giving family session. Santa Cruz, Ca

Thanksgiving, Santa Cruz, CA (2002)


"Doing double sessions each day, and hanging my suit to dry on a 1/2" wide regular hanger ended in disaster. The shoulders would always stretch and tear up. I took the suit back to O'Neills for repair, and they gave me a new suit as a replacement. This time, I was determined not to ruin the suit. I went around to the Santa Cruz surf shops, asking them how to take care of my suit for storage, but none of them seemed to help me hang dry my suit with care. So, I made up some working hanger models to try out. My surf buds soon heckled me for fun, but when I started making and selling models, they wanted some, too, when they got new suits!" -Scott Baker


It was not long before Baker Fullbody Products made its way into other markets and industries. Now, satisfied customers range from surfers and bikers, to firefighters and military. The heavy-duty Baker Hanger caters to any garment out there! There is a long list of satisfied customers that can attest that the Baker Hanger is like no hanger that they have ever seen. People love this heavy-duty hanger!

Baker Hanger beginings

Baker Hanger beginings (our first workshop)