• A uniquely designed durable suit hanger designed for wetsuits, drysuits, motor race suits, coats and jackets.....
  • Suits and coats dry in up to 75% less time.
  • Less Mildew and Odors with the Huge shoulders opening up the suit to allow for natural air convection to flow throughout suit and wick away moisture inside and out.
  • 120 sq. inches of contoured shoulder support form dries the suit to the natural shape of the material.
  • Your suit will last longer with NO pressure points from hanger.
  • Extra long 6 inch hook available for hooded suits or large collars.
  • Super Strong! Holds up to 80 pounds!
  • Tapered Shoulder Tips make it easy to hang all your suits.
  • Optional Accessory Hook for hanging items under hanger for storage.
  • Safely Hang Your Hooded Suit with no harm to neck or hood material
  • Supports Hanger With Hooded Suit while providing stress-free support for hood in upright position
  • Hood Rests Gently on hood support with correct shape
  • Provides Long Term Storage with no creasing
  • Holds 60 pounds with super strong ABS body and stainless steel swivel hook


  • Stainless Steel 4 inch hook works well with race suits.
  • Extra long 6 inch hook works well with hooded riding suits.
  • Tighten lock nut for desired flex-swivel motion.
  • Available for an additional $15.95 .


  • Hang gloves, jersey, goggles & chest protector inside suit for storage.
  • Intended for use after suit is dry.
  • Optional 303 Stainless Steel accessory hook shown attached under hanger.
  • Available for additional $15.95


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